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How to conduct trainings correctly: organizational and methodological issues

Training is a fairly popular form of education lately. This is an effective way to improve the professional level of employees, to help colleagues or subordinates to gain additional practical knowledge and skills. Properly organized training is a guarantee that its goals will be fully achieved. For effective training, the first thing you need is a room. If there is none, it can be rented daily or immediately for the entire period of training courses.

The MeettRoom conference center provides modern comfortable rooms for rent for long-term or hourly training. The classrooms for trainings, which are located in our building, are light, comfortable, equipped with modern equipment and furnished with comfortable and reliable office furniture. By booking a room with us, you can also order a package of additional services that will help you successfully conduct the training. From this article you will learn how to properly conduct trainings.

What is required for a successful training?

The training is a short refresher course that usually lasts from 1 to 5 days. This lesson is aimed at sharing experience, developing skills and abilities, therefore, in its course, various active methods are used. During the training, business games, discussions, individual exercises and an analysis method are conducted. Most of the time is occupied by theoretical material, which is subsequently consolidated by practice, which contributes to the most effective assimilation of material and knowledge.

To conduct the training correctly, it is necessary to solve a number of organizational and methodological issues. Organizational issues include the lease of premises for training, its material and technical support. It is especially convenient when the training hall is conveniently located and it was easy and convenient for organizers and participants to get to it. Our conference center offers training facilities in the very center of Moscow at ul. Kuznetsky Most 7 for up to 45 people. In addition to the necessary furniture (tables and chairs) and the way of its arrangement, we can equip the room with a projector with a screen or a smart panel, as well as organize a coffee break if desired.

The methodological part of the organization of the training includes the preparation of a plan for its conduct, theoretical and visual materials that can be demonstrated in electronic form on a large projector screen, or place a paper version of information on a flipchart or magnetic marker board.

Let’s talk a little about how to conduct trainings correctly. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the topic and tasks that will be solved in the course of it. The next step is to draw up a plan taking into account the target audience, their needs and the topic of the lesson. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly define and prescribe the tasks, according to which to select the materials with the help of which the main topic of the training will be revealed.

The methods that will be used during the training are selected based on the main objectives, will help turn the individual elements of the lesson into a general process. Thus, theoretical information can be presented in the form of mini-lectures, delimiting them with group discussion, exercises for practicing and consolidating theoretical skills in practice. To properly conduct trainings, paying special attention to methodological issues, contact MeettRoom and we will solve all organizational issues.

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