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Free WI-FI hotspot (up to 80 Mbps) for our customers

Any business space requires a high-bandwidth internet connection. "MeettRoom" provides a free wireless Wi-Fi hotspot in any room or classroom. So, you can easily organize video conferences, as well as use a high-speed connection of up to 80 Mbit for other purposes.

We provide reception (FREE OF CHARGE)

The reception desk is the most important attribute of any solid company. Here, a friendly receptionist will meet your partners, colleagues, guests, students or conference participants and guide them to the event venue. All organizational issues that need to be resolved during the event can also be resolved by the administrator.

We provide multimedia equipment for rent

Some events, such as video conferences or presentations, will not be able to do without the appropriate equipment. If necessary, we will provide you with a projector for the time you need. This equipment can be installed and used in any of the presented premises.
Projector: only for 500 rubles a day!
Smart panel: 1000 rubles for the entire duration of the event.

Fax and MFP are available (printing, photocopying, scanning)

Quite often, during negotiations, during a seminar or training, during a presentation, or in other cases, it may be necessary to receive / send a fax, take a copy, make a scan of a document, or print out the necessary materials. For this purpose, the reception was a fax machine and an MFP for "MeettRoom" customers.
Photocopy and printout of documents: 10 pages for free!

Cooler with fresh drinking water (500 rubles for every 5 hours)

The human body needs to drink up to one and a half letters of water a day for normal functioning and well-being. To do this, we have a cooler with fresh and clean water, which you can use throughout your event.
At the request of customers and pre-order of the water cooler, we will install it in the hall you need.

We organize coffee breaks

Sometimes negotiations, meetings, presentations or classes last long enough, which invariably tires you and other participants of the event. To replenish your energy, relax, take a short break, "MeettRoom" organizes a coffee break for you. These are hot and cold drinks, coffee and tea of elite varieties, fresh muffins or other trees on request.
A coffee break is a short break (15-40 min.) during seminars,trainings, negotiations or business conferences for meals and informal communication. It is usually a table with cups, coffee and / or tea, sweets, sugar, milk, cookies, waffles and rolls. The number of snacks is calculated from the number of people .

    We have 3 types of coffee breaks

    • 200 rubles per person: black tea , coffee beans, cooler, sugar, milk, cookies (in small quantities).
    • 250 rubles per person: black tea, Greenfield green, coffee beans, sugar, milk, sweets, several types of cookies.
    • 300 rubles per person: black tea, Greenfield green, coffee beans, sugar, milk, sweets, several types of cookies and pastries (cupcakes, croissants, etc.).

    Sandwiches, cheese, slicing by appointment.

    You can order and pay for a coffee break at any time!

    **Also, by prior arrangement, we can arrange a light snack or a full lunch! Cost-500 rubles\per person.

    To organize a coffee break, we use:

    Ground coffee ” Kimbo»

    Ground coffee ” Lavazza»

    Instant coffee ” Davidoff»

    Chocolate cocoa “Gold Label»

    This cocoa is created only from the highest grades of cocoa beans “Criollo” is one of the best cocoa.

    Greenfield aromatic fruit tea»

    Greenfield Black Leaf tea

    Green leaf tea «Greenfield»