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Rent of premises for a master class

If you have not yet paid your own attention to our coworking space in the center of Moscow, then we recommend that you look through all the available offers right now in order to choose the best hall available! Well, before choosing, you can read our article …

There was such an interesting experience … Having glanced at the conference room for about twenty people, one Moscow businessman decided that the job had already been done, as they say. Not looking especially at the geographical location, not paying close attention to the available samples of equipment, he decided to resolve the current contradictions in his team, so that the efficiency of work processes would increase significantly, or at least things would settle down as a whole. In principle, his direction of thought was correct, but the implementation of the task, as you could understand, was seriously suffering, limped and was unequivocally, to put it mildly, “not very”. And the worst thing here is not only the wrong choice and the fact that people had to overcome huge distances in the capital of Russia.

Rooms for trainings in Moscow

If you made a choice in favor of our company even without a deep study of the proposals, then you definitely did the right thing. However, what is the price of the wrong choice? If the lease of the classroom was carried out irresponsibly, then the result will not be even with a great desire to solve the previously discovered problems. This means that all the efforts thrown into the formation of good external marketing, the formation of a brand image, and so on will mean nothing – a poor organization of internal management simply will not allow the company to grow.

Our specialists will help you to make renting a room for a master class or any other event as simple and comfortable as possible and really benefit the client who has contacted. Moreover, Moscow loves good coworking (in the sense that the results of fruitful teamwork will certainly delight customers, team leaders and workers themselves), and therefore we invite you right now to evaluate the competitive advantages of small and spacious halls.

Meet our halls!


This is a fairly authentic style room, in which all pieces of furniture are arranged laconically. The atmosphere of minimalism, a comfortable stay in the hall even for a long time (from several hours) and other advantages – all this suggests that renting a master class will make this hall unforgettable! Look through the photos of this conference room in the section of the website called “our rooms” and see for yourself that spending time here will be effective, regardless of the tasks.


This room can accommodate up to eight people at a time. Of course, almost every Moscow City coworking space is now very popular, but not every conference room has a smart panel. By the way, if necessary, you can request additional multimedia equipment!


Conference halls for rent in Moscow

which is much more expensive than the cost of an hourly rental “London”, not too often can boast of having obvious competitive advantages. Moreover, here we can provide an additional flipchart and a projector.

“Los-Angeles” и “New-York”

When you visit these halls, you can forget that you ordered a rental – Moscow loves this coworking! The names of these halls directly indicate a high level of business comfort, which is no different from overseas!

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