Moscow city center, 7 Kuznetsky Most Street

5 minutes from the Kremlin and Red Square.

Comfortable conditions and high-quality service

Reception, Wi-Fi, coffee break, projector, MFP, water cooler

Spacious and bright classrooms

Capacity for up to 30 people

For presentations

Flipchart, projector, smart panel

For negotiations and meetings

Additional services, coffee break

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    Hourly rental of offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms

    О компании

    We do for your comfort and safety! We disinfect the premises and work full time!

    MeettRoom is presentable and stylish premises equipped with comfortable and comfortable furniture, which is very important in positioning your company and shaping its image.

    We have a wide range of additional services! We have a reception where the administrator will meet your partners, colleagues or clients and take them to the audience.

    Our business center is located in the very center of Moscow, next to the metro, which is convenient to get there both on our own and by personal transport (there is a parking lot for customers).

    At your service are also various multimedia equipment, high-speed Internet, office equipment, coffee break, demonstration equipment, a cooler with clean water.


    Caring for clients, to provide the most comfortable conditions for negotiations, conferences and various thematic meetings.


    A space with maximum functionality, equipped with individually selected rooms with wireless Internet and its own high-quality coffee shop


    The halls are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable event. Our rooms are light, cozy and clean. Each room is decorated in warm light colors that are conducive to a calm and balanced solution of complex problems.

    О компании

    Modern rooms for your events

    Renting premises for an hour in Moscow from MeettRoom is an excellent opportunity to solve the problem of quickly organizing a business space for negotiations with business partners, investors or clients. Any meeting room with a capacity of up to 30 people is fully furnished (comfortable chairs and tables), and is also provided with the necessary additional equipment and office equipment.

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